Shareable Neighbourhood #22: Meet the Water Warriors and Mulch Masters

At long last, we are ready to introduce you to our neighbourhood’s new composting and rain barreling heroes. Come adventure with us on a special two night tour to meet the participants in our Old Strathcona Greening Project and learn tips on composting and saving rain water in your own home.

Rebecca meets Debbie

Thursday, July 30 2015
7 PM
Meet at Wild Earth Bakery & Cafe (8902-99 St)


Friday, July 31 2015
7 PM
Meet at 10423-85 Ave

Kids and pets welcome. Look for the yellow butterfly net.
Come on one or both tours!

Over the last year, Shareable Neighbourhood volunteers have been designing a project that will empower residents to be active participants in making our neighbourhood a little greener. With the support of the City of Edmonton and Rotary Club of Edmonton Whyte Avenue, we decided to teach people how to install compost bins, rain barrels, and indoor living walls.

This summer, over 20 residents and community organizations have signed up to become rain barrel Water Warriors and composting Mulch Masters. We gave them workshops and tools to set them up, and now they’re ready to share what they know.

Come learn how you too can be a Water Warrior or Mulch Master, and get to know Old Strathcona and Mill Creek a little better!

This project has been generously supported by a grant from the City of Edmonton’s Neighbourhood Action Program. And save the date on August 30 for our living wall workshop at Roots on Whyte.

Brand New Water Warriors and Mulch Masters

Chris here (official Shareable Neighbourhood People Weaver). The first half of our summer Greening Project, as you might know, has been to get rain barrels and composters out to more people in the neighbourhood, for very cheap. We created workshops on composting and rain barrel basics for the participants since most of them were newbies, and got tools they could borrow to install everything themselves. In exchange, they’ll be sharing what they learned on one of our public tours, and putting up signs announcing that they’ve become a Mulch Master or a Water Warrior.

It’s been tremendous fun so far. Putting together a grant proposal, making distribution maps, finding suppliers, and getting reimbursement cheques hasn’t exactly been riveting. But seeing the look on people’s faces when they finally get their big honking new composter is so satisfying. Today Finn and I led the first rain barrel workshop, and it felt so good to live the Shareable Neighbourhood spirit of being a proud non-expert, and still sharing what we know and helping other people feel more confident installing one themselves.

It’s such an honour to be in the company of a group of volunteers and community members who care so passionately about this place, and want to make it better.

Delivery Begins!

At long last, the composters and rain barrels for this year’s Greening Project have come in, and they look fantastic. You’ll notice such chic and exotic features as: a mesh net on top of your rain barrel lid to strain out leaves and bugs, an easy-to-remove-lid for your composter, and a rich black colour to get your composter nice and toasty. We start delivering this week, and we are so excited to get them out to everybody’s home!

Stay tuned for updates on our public tours of the homes where all these new beauties will be residing.

Go Green With Us in 2015


This year, we have received funding through the City of Edmonton’s Neighbourhood Action Program to launch a greening project to make Old Strathcona a greener place. Together with our partner organizations, we are bringing composters and rain barrels to residents who wouldn’t be able to afford them otherwise, or who don’t aren’t familiar enough with them to use them yet. We will also be inviting community members to help build a living wall inside the Roots on Whyte building.

Find out how you can be part of the action!