Go Green With Us in 2015


This year, we have received funding through the City of Edmonton’s Neighbourhood Action Program to launch a greening project to make Old Strathcona a greener place. Together with our partner organizations, we are bringing composters and rain barrels to residents who wouldn’t be able to afford them otherwise, or who don’t aren’t familiar enough with them to use them yet. We will also be inviting community members to help build a living wall inside the Roots on Whyte building.

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#20 – We Are All Treaty People

March 2015 marked Shareable Neighbourhood’s 20th event.

Keavy addresses a crowd of participants

Keavy addresses a crowd of participants

Edmonton seems like a very new place, but the truth is that it has been a meeting place for thousands of years. What does it mean to belong to this place, for both Aboriginal and settler peoples? What do the treaties say about our relationship to one another – in the past and present?

Local enthusiast Keavy Martin led a walk through the river valley introducing us to Aboriginal history on this land, the development of the treaties, and rights and responsibilities to each other that Treaty 6 gives us all as relations on this land.

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