About Us

by Ryn Bean

“Adventurers Wanted” by Ryn Bean

Shareable Neighbourhood was a volunteer-run community group in Edmonton’s Old Strathcona/Mill Creek area that encouraged people to share what they know about local history, culture, and nature. We did this mainly through tours and events around the neighbourhood. Our events included a local filmmakers showcase, a tour of backyard gardens, edible plants walks through the Mill Creek ravine, and a trip to the streetcar museum!

Our group began in 2012 when Old Strathcona resident Chris Chang-Yen Phillips started knocking on doors to see if his neighbours were interested in leading walks for each other. The idea was simple: everyone is a source of knowledge, and by sharing stories about our area we become more confident and more empowered to make it a better place. The group grew over time to take on bigger challenges. In 2015, we got residents involved in a greening project in partnership with the City of Edmonton, Rotary Club of Edmonton Whyte Avenue, Roots on Whyte, and Axis Mundi Artistry.

Shareable Neighbourhood was not a registered not-for-profit organization – just a small group of volunteers with a passion for where we live. We appreciate the efforts of all the volunteers who helped with promotion, art, and the all-important task of peopleweaving: finding people and organizations who want to lead future events.

Questions can still be directed to shareablen@gmail.com:

For posterity, here was the application form:


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