Brand New Water Warriors and Mulch Masters

Chris here (official Shareable Neighbourhood People Weaver). The first half of our summer Greening Project, as you might know, has been to get rain barrels and composters out to more people in the neighbourhood, for very cheap. We created workshops on composting and rain barrel basics for the participants since most of them were newbies, and got tools they could borrow to install everything themselves. In exchange, they’ll be sharing what they learned on one of our public tours, and putting up signs announcing that they’ve become a Mulch Master or a Water Warrior.

It’s been tremendous fun so far. Putting together a grant proposal, making distribution maps, finding suppliers, and getting reimbursement cheques hasn’t exactly been riveting. But seeing the look on people’s faces when they finally get their big honking new composter is so satisfying. Today Finn and I led the first rain barrel workshop, and it felt so good to live the Shareable Neighbourhood spirit of being a proud non-expert, and still sharing what we know and helping other people feel more confident installing one themselves.

It’s such an honour to be in the company of a group of volunteers and community members who care so passionately about this place, and want to make it better.

One thought on “Brand New Water Warriors and Mulch Masters

  1. Absolutely brilliant…darn I missed it.
    This makes me feel so grateful for the team. Big shout to Chris in particular with his genuine compassion and care for one another embellishing the “spirit of non-experts” wholeheartedly embracing community spirit, in the process extending loving kindness to one another. What else is there? I love the pics and brings me great joy. Brilliant job and feeling remiss I did not witness but through these words I feel my part. Thank you for the share of this post. Love it!!!

    In gratitude and appreciation to all the community members who participated and each so lovingly championed this project and us….this matters in building community. Your support, crucial and critical to the successful outcomes which expand and humble us in service. Smiles and blessings to one another..
    Namaste ~ Jaya


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